How to Add Vocabularies Without Memorizing?

Memorizing Vocabulary

This question is a little bit humorous. It will torment us and impossible to master vocabularies by memorizing. Somebody might be able to memorize a lot of vocabulary, but there are too much vocabulary in English.

Just imagine, how many new words added into dictionary while you are sleeping. It can be challenging because actually there is a new word appeares every two hours.

However, several people still believe that memorizing is the best way taken because impossible speaking or asking while opening dictionary. When somebody asked the information, they need the answer as soon as possible.

But, in the other side, memorizing cannot guarantee instead tend forgotten. Even several people are confused on applying in sentences. How to solve it?

Read More

Reading more can help in adding treasury vocabularies. No need to read the thick book, but just try to make a routine with reading activities in daily.

For example, reading quote in social media or magazine every morning before starting the day. Just make reading activity becomes a part of your activity in a day that scheduled. Therefore, you do not need to memorize for adding the vocabularies, because memorizing only without repeating constantly equals losing of your memory.

Try to Speak

Practicing is really urgent in learning English because language learning is a skill. Therefore after obtaining the reading materials, try to practice not to memorize.

The more often we train our tongue to pronounce that vocabulary, we will not find difficultness any more in same case when we found it. Furthermore, this activity help us in order to be familiar with the new vocabulary. Attempt to read until it is heard by our own ears and the results will be unmistakable.

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Understanding Not Memorizing

Understanding and memorizing is completely different process. Understanding means realizing the meaning of every words and know when to use it.

Whereas memorizing is only remembering the word and the meaning. So, when one word met the other in one sentence, it will has different meaning. That is why memorizing is not recomended.

For example the word “memberitahu”; in English, simply it can reflect by to tell. “Have you told her about this issue?”. But, formally to tell sometimes becomes to address – so that the result becomes: “Have you addressed her about this issue?”.

Thus, this article is made. Hopefully can give benefits for us.

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